Historically, school systems used assessments to determine promotion to the next grade for students. Assistant state superintendent Ken Bradford says this year, the Department of Education is advising districts to use other tools.

“Things like benchmark assessments that were done throughout the year, the classroom grading, the individual course grades, student growth that went on throughout the year,” said Bradford.

Bradford says for those students who are on the border of advancing, there needs to be a sit-down discussion between the parents, teachers, and counselors to hammer out how they can be caught up in time for the next school year.

“These students will still have opportunities to get back on grade level by continuing to do remote learning and distance education throughout the summer,” said Bradford.

Bradford says the districts can have the freedom to allow teachers to break away from the traditional time restrictions that are normally in place during a regular school year.

“You don’t necessarily have to finish the learning for the students wherever they would have been on May 21st.  They can extend that course offering through distance learning and remote learning through the summer,” said Bradford.

(Story written by Kevin Barnhart/Louisiana Radio Network)

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