Deadly shootings in Baton Rouge and a record flood across a large part of the state have put Governor John Bel Edwards in the spotlight. Whether citizens across the state are applauding what he is doing or simply applauding the fact that his just doing something the results have been good for the Governor's approval rating.

A recently released survey done by Southern Media and Opinion Research found that Edwards' approval rating had increased by 13% since May. This puts the Governor's overall approval rating at 63%.

Pollster Bernie Pinsonat suggested that Edwards visibility during recent crises in the state have been a benefit to his cause.

He still has some obstacles in his way to maintaining that but in the present times, you’ve got to be happy with these numbers. He is a Democrat in a Republican state, for now that’s the best he could wish for.

In his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network Pinsonat suggested that the current public support for Edwards will help him in the coming session of the legislature. However, there are still the hurdles of flood recovery and the budget crisis that are still on the forefront of many Louisianians.

Whether the Governor can maintain this kind of public approval will only be determined by the test of time. Until then it's got to be a good feeling that only four out of ten people don't like you. In the world of politics that's a pretty significant feat.