BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Democratic candidate for governor John Bel Edwards is using the high-profile Saturday college football clash between LSU and Alabama to unveil a new TV attack ad against GOP rival David Vitter, striking at Vitter's prostitution scandal.

The 30-second spot, to air statewide, is Edwards' first direct hit at Vitter for the eight-year-old scandal.

The Edwards ad seeks to contrast the Democratic state lawmaker's former military experience as an Army Ranger with Vitter. It references Edwards "who answered our country's call" and Vitter "who answered a prostitute's call."

Vitter, a U.S. senator, apologized in 2007 for a "very serious sin" after he was linked through phone records to Washington's "D.C. Madam." Vitter's campaign released a statement from its Veterans for Vitter co-chairman calling the TV spot a "gutter political attack ad."

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