1. Election Day is Saturday I want to dive into the Iberia Levee Board Issue. Pros/Cons. People in the different municipalities seem to be pretty passionate on both sides. Thoughts?

2. Louisiana State Police LACE Program Suspended. Is this just a glorified incentive/quota program? Does this represent top-down dysfunction at LSP?
3. More Republicans in Washington, DC was their hands of Judge Roy Moore after another accuser comes forward. Interesting twist. In her statement, she says she's a Republican who she supported along with her husband. Does this do anything to quiet critics who say the allegations have a political motive?
4. In an hours-long hearing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions stands by his claims that he did not know Papadopoulos proposing Trump/Putin meeting. He was grilled by lawmakers over the changing details of his story. Does this have any impact of

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