Apart from the initial comparisons to fellow modern day Sherlock Holmes tale 'Sherlock,' CBS' Holmes-ian procedural 'Elementary' aroused one question from viewers: how long would it be before the dastardly Professor Moriarty would be introduced? Producers have kept mum on whether or not the famed literary antagonist would appear by the end of the season, but does a new villain to be introduced in 'Elementary's post-Superbowl episode fit the bill? Find out inside!

Apart from its core characters of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson, CBS's modern update 'Elementary' has largely focused on telling original stories from week to week.  Might that change with the post-Superbowl installment, introducing former 'Oz' star Terry Kinney as "an unpredictable criminal who causes chaos in New York?" TVLine certainly put the theory forth, but the dastardly Moriarty has long succeeded at keeping his presence in criminal matters a secret.

The first season of CBS' 'Elementary' thriller has already included several prominent guest stars, including 'Quantum of Solace' star David Harbour, and soon to feature former 'House' star Lisa Edelstein. Producers have previously claimed "it would be a shame" if the series didn't get around to featuring Moriarty at some point, but seem intent on saving his full introduction for a later season.

What say you? Is Terry Kinney's appearance merely fuel for the fire, or could he be the real Moriarity? Tune in on Sunday, February 3 to find out!