As you may have heard, Mayor Adrian Perkins and the city of Shreveport will be featured on Undercover Boss this Friday night!

I remember what seems like a lifetime ago, the CBS camera crews were in town filming Undercover Boss with our mayor rumored to be the featured boss. Shortly after, it was confirmed that Adrian Perkins was in fact, the episode's undercover boss. We were supposed to see our city's episode earlier this year, but like most things, the airing of the episode got pushed back due to the pandemic.

Now, the wait is over, and Shreveport's episode of Undercover Boss will air on CBS this Friday at 8:00 PM.

If you just can't wait until this Friday night to see what our mayor looks like undercover, I have good news! This week, CBS released four teaser commercials for our upcoming episode. In one, we see Mayor Perkins talking about the rise and subsequent decline of Shreveport. In another, we see him fighting fires with SPD. In a third, we see him learn how certain things are being paid for within SPAR. Finally, in the fourth, we see Perkins getting his hands dirty with our town's park maintenance team.

I've always loved Undercover Boss, but I haven't really seen any episode quite like ours. Usually, you see CEO's from the companies featured, where their low-level employees probably don't exactly know what they look like. Of course here in Shreveport, everyone and their mom knows our mayor, so it will certainly be interesting to see if they can pull it off without everyone around Adrian noticing who he is.

You can see the trailer videos below!




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