Entergy Louisiana is planning on purchasing solar power generated by a solar farm that’s set to be the largest such facility in the state.

The facility by Eagle Solar Group will be built in West Baton Rouge Parish, and should be up and running by 2020. Entergy Louisiana CEO Phillip May says it’s a huge project and a 20-year agreement.

“It’s a 50 megawatt project, spanning 500 acres, and it will provide enough power to power 9,500 to 10,000 homes.

The purchasing plan is estimated to save customers 29-million dollars over the life of the contract. May says it’s a great opportunity for customers, and expands Entergy’s diverse renewable energy portfolio, the he says is one of the most impressive in the nation.

“We’re able to provide affordable and reliable power through solar, and the price of solar has been coming down which is why we can offer this benefit to all of our customers in Louisiana.”

May says solar is beginning to become remarkable cost effective, depending on the area.

“In large scale solar is becoming increasingly affordable, which is why we’re doing this project over a span of 500 acres.”

The project is pending regulatory approval by the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

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