UPDATE: (07/08/21): The missing python is no longer missing. Cara the python was found in a crawl space around 4:15 this morning according to WBRZ.

In another twist to this story, WBRZ reports that employees might have watched the snake escape it's enclosure. They obtained the call to authorities for help in finding the snake.

The snake apparently got out of it's enclosure then going into the ceiling. The snake went missing sometime on Monday morning.

UPDATE: (07/06/21) According to WBRZ, the Mall of Louisiana is open, but they do have the Blue Zoo Aquarium, a store in the mall, still closed down.



According to the Advocate, first-responders are in the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge to search for an escaped python.

Officials with the St. George Fire Department say they shut down the mall out of concern for people's safety.

They believe the python escaped from its enclosure in the Blue Zoo Aquarium of Baton Rouge which is inside of the Mall of Louisiana.

The search goes on at this time. This all started at around 10:20 Tuesday morning.


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