Tis' the season to get money.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana has been put on the map in a major way this holiday season and it all surrounds a photo set that is currently going viral on Instagram.

IG users @nobabymamaa and @ykwihfmonzo decided to flex with stacks of cash for a series of Christmas photos taken in the Mall of Louisiana. At first, the photos seemed like your standard funny internet fodder, until people began to notice that "Baton Rouge" could be seen on the backdrop along with what looks like the Louisiana state capitol.

I'm terrible with eyeballing money, so I have no clue how much these guys are holding, but I'm gonna go the cool kid route and say it's definitely a "few racks."

A video from one of the guys appears to show them in the mall with at least some of the cash we may have seen in the photo.

Either way, these guys have become instant memes on the internet after flexing with racked-up Santa Claus.

Even the Shade Room picked up the photos.

No matter how amazing your Christmas card photos are, it will be hard to beat the Mall of Louisiana Santa photoshoot from these two guys.

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