One of my favorite places in Acadiana is Vermilionville. It truly is a living history of our Cajun culture. Vermilionville is also a fantastic place to shop for some incredible unique, local gifts this Christmas. Here, I've gathered eight Cajun books available in the gift shop at Vermilionville that would make great presents for anyone on your list this Christmas.

This is just a small look at what Vermilionville has to offer. There are many more books and gifts available. The Vermillionville gift shop is open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Courtesy of Michael Perrin

    The Buttermilk Biscuit Boy

    "One sleepy morning, two hungry cowpokes decide to make a big, hot buttermilk biscuit. Cowboy Jack kneads the soft dough and adds three pats of butter and a smear of strawberry jam to give the buttermilk biscuit a face before setting the skillet on the fire to cook. When the biscuit is done cooking, out pops a buttermilk biscuit boy-and with him, a whole mess of trouble!" -

  • Courtesy of Michael Perrin

    Three Little Shrimp

    "On the way to the sea three young shrimp, who are traveling with their troop, decide to swim away in search of fun and adventure. Leaving the safety of their group the young prawns enter dangerous waters where unseen predators are watching their every move." -

  • Courtesy of Michael Perrin

    Bayou Santa

    "Pedersen’s tale is positioned to join the ranks of other holiday classics such as A Cajun Night Before Christmas and The Legend of Papa Noël.  And, his twist in showing how Papa was 'hand-picked' to portray his new role in life, gives even more relevance to the other stories which preceded it." -

  • Courtesy of Michael Perrin

    Clovis Crawfish And Paillasse Poule D'eau

    "Clovis Crawfish and company make a new friend in Paillasse Poule d'Eau. The bayou creatures enjoy learning all about their new friend. Two of the first things they find out is that his name, Paillasse, means 'clown' in French, while Poule d'Eau means 'water chicken.'" -

  • Courtesy of Michael Perrin

    The Three Little Egrets

    "The Three Little Egrets is a fairy tale of three young egrets who leave their nests to embark on a journey of growth. As each one begins to make his way in the world, they must band together to face and overcome great danger." -

  • Courtesy of Michael Perrin

    Tah-Tye - The Last Possum In The Pouch

    "A shy opossum, loathe to leave his mother's pouch, finally learns to take care of himself amidst the dangers of his Louisiana swamp." -

  • Courtesy of Michael Perrin

    Cajun Night Before Christmas Coloring Book

    "Set in a Louisiana bayou and told in Cajun dialect-de chirren been nezzle/Good snug on de flo'--the poem has lively illustrations that perfectly suit the unique text." -

  • Courtesy of Michael Perrin

    Gaston The Green-Nosed Alligator

    "Santa, through a series of mishaps, comes to reside in the bayou. His aging reindeer are too infirm to make their annual trek around the world, and Santa fears that Christmas may have to be postponed. However, Gaston saves the day by training seven other alligators to fly. Together, they set a new speed record, and Christmas arrives on time!" -