A Slidell High School teacher has been arrested after allegations of inappropriate behavior with students were reported to police. Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith says 34-year-old Raymond Winzy allegedly would start casual conversations with his students, which turned into sexual conversations. He says once Winzy gained their trust he would invite them into his classroom.

“In some cases Winzy would start to fondle the young females, ask for nude photographs, and in some cases, Winzy had sex with one student multiple times in his classroom.”

Winzy was also the girls basketball coach at Slidell High School. Smith says police searched Winzy’s home and classroom and found nude photos and videos on multiple electronic devices. He says Winzy has been fired and this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

“We know that he was offering food from off campus sources to these girls and was also offering them higher grades if they commit to sexual conduct with him.”

Winzy is being charged with two counts of molestation of a juvenile by an educator, nine counts of production of child pornography, and three counts of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile. Smith says some students at Slidell High School have been bullied and threatened regarding this case and anyone involved with be arrested if a complaint is filed.

“Some students that know this individual, arrestee, that are taking up for him and not believing that these stories might be true so they’re bullying other students who may or may not be victims.”