The bill dealing with transgender athletes competing in sports in Louisiana called the Fairness in Women's Sports Act has passed the Louisiana Senate for a second time after legislators had to approve an amendment proposed by the La. House.

Senate Bill 44 was amended to remove intramural sports from the language below:

Senate Bill 44 require(s) that schools designate intercollegiate, interscholastic, or intramural athletic teams according to the biological sex of the team members; to provide that teams designated for females are not open to participation by biological males; to provide immunity protections for schools from certain adverse actions; to provide for causes of action; to provide for legislative findings; to provide for definitions; to provide for remedies; and to provide for related matters."

The first time the bill passed the Senate it garnered 29 votes. This time, with the amendment, it gained an additional three votes.

The House passed the bill with the amendment with 72 yea votes.

Office of the Governor
Office of the Governor

Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed a very similar bill last session but the amendment may prevent that veto pen from being used once again.

“Maybe it gives the governor an out to say intramurals are removed and so it’s a better bill,” said political analyst Bernie Pinsonat to Louisiana Radio Network.

WWLTV via YouTube
WWLTV via YouTube

By the way, 70 yea votes in the House AND 26 yea votes in the Senate are what's required to override a governor's veto - a supermajority. Edwards can veto a bill that meets that threshold and essentially force lawmakers to vote again. But, if Edwards vetoes a bill that does not obtain supermajority in BOTH chambers, then the bill is dead.

If Edwards vetoes the bill, lawmakers can call a special veto session during the legislative session, re-do the vote, and override his veto.

Edwards can also sign the bill or he can allow it to become law without signing it.

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