A teenager from New Iberia was left with a concussion and a broken jaw after being attacked in a bathroom at Westgate High School. The family of the student who suffered the injuries is upset with the way the situation was handled by the school.

See the report posted on Twitter by @KLFY news below.

According to the above report, Mauricio Brown is a 17-year-old student at Westgate who was attacked by another student inside of a bathroom. Cell phone footage from the incident shows Brown attempting to defend himself from the attacker as other students watch.

The young student went to school officials, bleeding, who determined his injuries weren't severe. The report says that an assistant vice principle at the school offered to drive Brown home.

Brown's Mother says in the report, "He got home and he could barely talk. He was mumbling and mixing up words". After being brought to the E.R., it was determined that the victim had a concussion and a broken jaw, which would be wired shut.

The 17-year-old Westgate student is at home recovering for the next sixth weeks, only being able to drink through a straw and communicate via text due to his jaw injury. Meanwhile, the attacker in the video from the incident received a 3-day-suspension.

The report includes that Brown's mother and her attorney had a meeting scheduled with the school district to discuss the incident, but the meeting was canceled after the Brown family began sharing the story of the incident on social media.

High School is the place where children grow into young adults. 13-year-olds fresh out of middle school congregate amongst 18-year-olds, who in some instances are considered adults. A situation like this is terrifying for any parents out there who send their child off to school each day, with the impression that their child would be kept safe by faculty and staff at the school.

It evident that serious damage can happen when high school students are unsupervised and decide to take advantage of a situation. Brown seemed like he got caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time, which should never be the case in a school environment.

I hope that Brown's recovery process goes well, as he definitely did not deserve anything that happened to him in this high school bathroom. I also hope that the Brown family gets whatever they need to feel like those responsible are held accountable, although there will never be a good enough reason for a young student to receive this type of horrendous beating.

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