A pro-life movie that highlights the journey of Metairie native and current LSU law student David Scotton meeting his birth parents for the first time will premiere online tonight.

Scotton, says “I Lived on Parker Avenue” tells the story of his journey to find his birth mom in Indiana and her choice of choosing adoption over abortion.

"If anything, it's a tough decision. But it's the life giving alternative, it's a life giving solution and it's just a beautiful thing and that's what this film is all about."

After contacting his birth mother, Melissa Coles, on Facebook in 2011, he discovered he had a biological sister and biological half-sister. It took over a year before Scotton gained enough courage to decide to meet them in person. Scotton at first didn’t want to allow filmmaker Phillip Braun and producer Benjamin Clapper to put his story to film, but ultimately decided it was worth it.

"If in any way, me allowing this to be filmed could influence one birth mother, like my birth mother influenced my life, I would give this up and see what would happen."

The film has been presented at a film festival in Los Angeles and has been nominated for an award for Best Documentary-Short Category. Scotton says the way the story is presented is the reason behind it’s success.

"We're excited to share adoption this way to share it in a way that non-religious, non-alienating and non-political. And that's why we've been successful in impacting people."

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