Siblings receive the best gift they could ever ask for. A dad. Robert Carter of Ohio went from a single foster dad to a father of five. According to WNCN, Carter adopted three boys and two girls, all siblings, and became one family.

Carter knows exactly what it’s like to be in their shoes as he went into foster care when he was 12-years-old and he was separated from his siblings for years. Because his mother struggled with alcoholism and couldn’t care for her children, Carter was granted custody of his younger sister and guardianship of a younger brother after he was old enough to be released from foster care.

His past and childhood memories is what motivated him to help a group of siblings by adopting all five of them so they wouldn’t have to be split apart. Carter first fostered three boys. The two girls joined them and they came together to see each other for the first time in six months. I can only imagine the joy they must have all felt at that moment. According to Hamilton County JFS Adoption & Foster Care Recruitment, they were all in tears. Carter said he was already thinking about adopting all of them but when he saw them crying at that moment, he knew he was going to adopt all five of them to keep them together.

Carter and his children, Marionna, Makayla, Rober, Giovanni, and Kiontae, will have a lot of new memories to make and I am thrilled that these kids have such an awesome dad.  Carter said every night he talks to them and lets them know that he is their dad forever.

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