The final of the three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers slain in an ambush on cops was laid to rest Monday. Thousands turned out for the funeral of BRPD's Corporal Montrell Jackson, a 32-year-old 10-year veteran of the department who leaves behind a wife and baby boy, Mason. Governor John Bel Edwards says we have to make this world a better place for Mason.

"So as he grows up in our community, and he sees peaceful people being kind every day of his life, he will remember his father,' said Edwards.

At a recent news conference, Police Chief Carl Dabadie said he worked with Jackson at the academy.

"Montrell stood tall everyday. He never wavered, he never quit. His heart was in service to this community," said Dabadie.

The 32 year old was gunned down along with two fellow officers in an ambush on police. Two weeks before he was killed on the job, he made a post on Facebook pleading for people not to let hate infect their hearts — in the aftermath of the death of Alton Sterling during a confrontation with cops.

Dabadie says after the Sterling shooting, he went to talk to BRPD officers.

"Montrell ended up giving me a pep talk. As you saw on his Facebook post, his devotion was to the Baton Rouge city and to our department," Dabadie added.

Thousands of people and police officers from around the country have already attended the funerals of East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Deputy Brad Garafola, and Matthew Gerald of BRPD.

Governor Edwards says Jackson was a pillar of this community and used God's gifts to make a difference for Baton Rouge and Louisiana.
Jackson's younger brother, 24-year-old Kendrick Pitts, spoke to Montrell and said he was loved by everyone.
"Even that little kid you beat at laser tag loves you," said Pitts.
Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden says law enforcement from throughout the country have been pained by the deaths of the three cops, but he's confident they will come out of it stronger people.
"The police officers and other officials throughout this state have received a statement by Montrell," said Holden. "Yet tho you slay me I will rise again."