Glenn Fleming of Acadiana Gunworks joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' on location today at Doghouse Computers and discussed a number of gun related issues.

As usual Fleming started Firearms Friday with a safety tip.  This tip of particular interest to those getting ready for hunting season.  It's simple but so important according to Glenn,

This may sound silly but it is important.  Don't shoot at sounds.  Identify your target, make sure it's a deer then blast it and go home and eat some venison.  Insure what you're shooting at whether you're hunting or target hunting.

Moving on and pointing out a flaw in background checks for gun purchases Fleming noted a recent case in Connecticut which had nothing to do with a purchase but did lead to an arrest.  Fleming said,

In Connecticut the cops busted a kid with a 'zip gun' which basically is a home-made gun.  Another kid made the gun for the kid in possession of the gun...You can ban something but if people want it bad enough, they'll just make it.

Fleming said the term 'Constitutional Sheriff' was illustrated recently in Florida.  According to Fleming,

Sheriff Nick Finch in Liberty County, Florida busted a guy for carrying a pistol and he wasn't licensed to conceal carry...Nick Finch is a very strong 2nd Amendment guy and he's like 'you should be allowed to do this anyway' so he let the guy go.  Finch was then arrested for letting gun carrying man go.  At trial Finch was found not guilty of any crime is now back being a sheriff.

Fleming had more to say about recalls of anti-gun legislators, a looming lead-for-ammo shortage and the shocking results of a recent gun ownership survey.  You can hear all of his comments by taking a listen to the interview:

You can see Glenn in action by visiting his YouTube channel.

To listen to Glenn's interview, CLICK BELOW:

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