In Louisiana, your car is an extension of your home, as it regards to insurance purposes. Our in-studio, gun expert Glenn Fleming of Acadiana Gun Works says that idea applies to  carrying firearms in your vehicle, as well.

But if you have children, Fleming says to take some extra precaution when storing your firearm.

First, you should always treat your gun as if it is loaded--whether its around children or not. Youngsters cannot determine if a firearm is loaded.

Next, store your firearm in a secure place within the car. Fleming said though it may not be a popular idea, you may want to err on the side of safety and place the gun in a locking glove compartment or console.

Fleming said Acadiana Gun Works is hosting the Eddie Eagle youth safety program tailored towards firearms. If you are interested in enrolling your youngster in the program, you can call Acadiana Gun Works at (337) 706-8638.

Eddie Eagle (Courtesy of Acadiana Gun Works)
Eddie Eagle (Courtesy of Acadiana Gun Works)

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