On this Friday's edition of "Firearms Friday", Acadiana Gun Works co-owner Glenn Fleming co-hosted the show along with Bernadette Lee, and they had a chance to catch up with NRA certified firearms instructor Chris Ortego.

Ortego explains that you really should interview your firearms instructor before signing up for their concealed carry classes.

He says that he continually works on his education related to the concealed carry permit rules, gun safety & responsiblity, and laws concerning guns in Louisiana.

Ortego reccomends that you know as much as possible about your firearms instructor before you sign up for his class.  He says these are just some of the questions you should ask:

  • Is my instructor NRA certified?
  • How long has my instructor been teaching the class?
  • Is my instructor fully aware of all laws governing a concealed carry permit and other gun laws in the state?

Ortego says you can get a concealed carry class for at little as $50, but you get what you pay for.  He says overall it will cost someone about $300 to get a concealed carry permit in Louisiana.


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