Chris Ortego visited the KPEL studios and spoke with Bernadette Lee and Brandon Comeaux.fired off onabout a number of topics surfacing within the firearms industry.

Ortego spoke about the sheer ingenuity of the firearms industry in producing a gun that can fold up to mimic (at first glance) a cell phone.

Though the gun is still in the prototype stage, their may be some legal issues involved with ATF guidelines.

Ortego said law enforcement officers are concerned about the prospect of this cell-phone gun being released into the firearm market, because officers do not routinely verify the authenticity of cell phones.

He also weighed in on one Louisiana legislator's efforts to make movie theaters gun-free zones.

Following the Grand 16 movie theater shooting state Rep. Barbara Norton hopes to curb possession f guns in movie theaters. But Ortego says the bills she authored on the subject are nonsense and will not aid in keeping moviegoers safe.

Ortego is an NRA-certified concealed carry instructor and firearms expert. at Acadiana gunworks in Scott. Visit for more information.