Glenn Fleming, of Acadiana Gunworks in Scott, returns to the KPEL studio for Firearms Friday discussing, once again, the most important aspect of gun ownership--safety.

This week Fleming shared safety advice for shooters involving actions that come after the gun has been brandished, after aiming and even after the round has been fired.

Holstering your gun may seem like a menial task that hardly ever requires much cognitive activity, but focusing on how you re-holster your gun and how your gun rests in the holster can help you avoid a painful, and perhaps embarrassing, injury.

Fleming told Rob and Bernie while on Acadiana's Morning News when buying a holster, make sure it is high-quality. He said, if the holster is leather, make sure it is a sturdy leather that supports the gun.

More fundamentally, Fleming said there is no reason to ever holster your gun rapidly. Take your time to carefully take your finger off the trigger. Make sure nothing will get caught on the trigger or trigger guard.

If yur gun does not sit properly in the holster when attempting to get it in there, don't try jamming it in the holster. Take a look to see what is obstructing your gun and carefully mitigate the problem.

Acadiana Gunworks is located just north off Interstate 10 at 119 Abigayle Row in Scott. You can reach Glenn Fleming n Twitter, Facebook,Instagram and YouTube as #FlemGunner.

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