Knowing the truth and sharing it with others is one way you can help out during the current crisis.

I'm sure you've read a lot of confusing and even scary stuff on social media in the last few weeks. I've found that a lot of this is either untrue or half - true and that it spreads as though it was 'official.' The CDC has set up a resource to help recognize truth about COVID - 19 and the government's efforts to prevent its spread. Here are five facts you can share on social media:

1. FEMA is NOT deploying the military. It has no military control and the National Guard is only ordered into action by state governors.

2. You do NOT have to worry about hantavirus. It made headlines last week after a man died from the disease. It's spread by exposure to rodent droppings and is rarely passed from one human to another.

3. The elderly are NOT the only people at risk of contracting COVID - 19. Though it takes a toll on older people, anyone can catch it and it can be deadly depending on preexisting health conditions and other factors.

4. There is NO national lockdown or quarantine. States and cities issue orders like curfews and shelter -in - place.

5. Do NOT trust anyone offering you financial help during this time that asks for personal information. Government officials will never ask for compensation when calling about assistance. Click here to get help from the Federal Trade Commission if you believe you've been scammed.

There's more factual information about the coronavirus and government response here and here. Please share this post on your social media pages.

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