Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s project E Pluribus Unum surveyed 800 people across the South for their views on race, with the report finding substantial disparities in how different groups view key issues.

90 percent of blacks surveyed believe they have fewer economic opportunities than whites, while only 44 of whites agree.

“Whites who responded and participated think that racism is an intellectual act of hatred towards another person. African Americans as a general rule see institutional discrimination.”

64 percent of Latinx respondents felt they have fewer economic opportunities than whites.

Respondents were also asked if questions about race relations were getting too much, or too little attention. 50 percent of whites said it’s receiving too much, while 66 percent of blacks say too little.

“If you look at all of the statistics the African American community as a general rule will come out in a more difficult circumstance than whites do. Now white people don’t see it that way.”

69 percent of black respondents also reported they are sometimes, or often discriminated against based on their race.

“We want to try to find ways to use all of those different mediums to tell the real story of who we are and where we are and to really try to get people to choose to come together.”

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