When your power goes out inside your home, the first thing you want to do (instead of look for a flashlight) is call your energy company. Well, Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell wants to change that, according to Louisiana Radio Network.

"I want them (power companies) to text or telephone all these customers and say, 'We know you're out of power, you don't have to call us.  We know you're out of power.  Here's where we are and we will keep you updated,'" explains Campbell.

The PSC is set to meet August 6th in Baton Rouge, and this topic will be discussed then. Campbell has taken note of the recent power outages across the state, and with the reality of storms, especially hurricanes, he believes getting all electric utilities regulated by the PSC to implement a system in which automated telephone and text messages are sent to customers when outages happen can only help ease the concerns of customers. Such a system has already been implemented by Entergy.

"This is the 21st century.  Let's get innovative, here. You know, if you can do it by computer or you can do it by text…Whatever you got to do it by, come on, tell the people what they can expect…That's the least we can do and I'm going to get that done."

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