Corporal Bridgette Dugas says the investigation into today's accident continues. She confirms to us now that a total of five pedestrians were struck during the incident today.


Four people were just standing on the curb in front of Domino's Pizza at the corner of Johnston Street and University when Lafayette Police officials say the driver of one vehicle ran a red light. This caused a chain reaction of events.

Lafayette Senior Corporal Bridgette Dugas says that when the first vehicle ran the light, he hit another car, and that vehicle hit four pedestrians standing on the curb.

One of the pedestrians received a moderate injury while the three other pedestrians all sustained minor injuries.

Dugas says alcohol was not considered to be a factor in the crash, but the driver of the first vehicle that set this all in motion is facing three charges:

  • No Drivers License
  • No Insurance
  • Disregard for a Traffic Control Device

A person who was in the area at the time contacted us about the events right after they unfolded. According to the witness on the scene, the driver ran the light and hit the truck. The witness says that the man was trapped in his vehicle and pleading to be rescued. The witness says firefighters did use the jaws of life to get the man out of his car. Our witness says he spoke to an emergency personnel member who says one of the pedestrians has a skull fracture.

Dugas says the driver of the first vehicle, the man who ran the red light, is being treated at a local hospital for moderate injuries.

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