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Things have been very uncertain and unstable as of late for our society with the coronavirus pandemic as well as the senseless, unjust murder of George Floyd which has kickstarted a huge movement for rightful change across our nation.

In many local communities along with national figureheads statements and messages have been made and there will hopefully be change to go along with said statements and messages.

On Monday, Ragin' Cajuns head men's basketball coach Bob Marlin came out with his message to the masses you can see here.

A day later, Ragin' Cajuns women's basketball coach Garry Brodhead took to Twitter to send his own message after some thought, consideration, education and listening over the past week or so.

Brodhead urges for education which is what a lot of us are looking for in this situation, tell us how can we help put a stop to this racial injustice that has been going on for far too long.

He followed up with this tweet with the #BlackOutTuesday. A symbol of equality here on Tuesday showing that we're all willing to stand together and united as one.

We have to continue to push forward as a society, sometimes we need to be torn down in order to be built back up in a better way. Whether it's taking this stand against racial injustices or fighting an enemy we can't see in the coronavirus pandemic we have to stand together and look out for one another.

Be kind. Spread love. Stand together.


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