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Here are some great gift ideas for the Louisiana lover in your life that wants more than just fleur-de-lis in their home! Don't get me wrong, I like fleur-de-lis, but if you've spent any in Louisiana, especially if you're a member of a Mardi Gras krewe, you likely have fleur-de-lis decor and tchotkies galore!

Have you ever been stuck on a suitable gift for someone? Maybe you're going to a housewarming party or just need a nice hostess gift. Check out some of these fun Louisiana-themed gift ideas I was able to find on Amazon. They're fun, priced well, and would make great gifts for just about anyone with a love of Louisiana in their heart!

I'm a fan of the late Louisiana artist George Rodrigue and his 'Blue Dogs.' While I can't afford an original, I love the prints. Just think, when they're done with this calendar, they can frame each individual month's pic! (Don't laugh, I've done it!)

Put your friends and family to the test when it comes to our LSU Tigers!

Don't confuse me with being overly domestic, but I love this personalized tea towel!

A vacuum sealed wine tumbler... This one is sure to be a favorite!

I'd be tempted to use this more as decoration, but don't tell anyone!

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Louisiana Vampire Author Anne Rice's New Orleans Mansion is For Sale

Before famed Louisiana author Anne Rice died in December of 2021, she brought us an incredible wealth of literature. Starting in 1976 with her first published book Interview with the Vampire, Rice captured the imagination of fans around the world. In total she penned 36 novels, including four under the nom de plume A.N. Roquelaure, two more under a different pen name (Anne Rampling), one with her son, Christopher Rice, and one non-fiction book. Her success brought her enough money to purchase this historic (and reportedly haunted) mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Now, this magnificent piece of literary history is up for sale - and it's even been reduced. The price has been slashed by $600,000, and now sits just below the $4 million mark.

If you like what you see, and you'd like to live like the Louisiana Vampire Queen Anne Rice did - just visit the realtor's page and put in an offer!

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