There was a song that was quite popular on the radio a few years back. It featured the voices of Glenn Campbell and Steve Wariner and it was called The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. One of the lyrics in that song goes like this,

She taught him all the attributes of greatness
That she knew he couldn't learn away from home
And by the time she wore the cover off her bible
Her hair was gray and her little man was gone

Such is motherhood, I suppose. And as we gather on Sunday to celebrate Mom with a gift, let us reflect on those gifts that she gave to us. Of course, the gifts we got from Mom didn't come from a store, they came from the heart. And, if you truly want to honor your Mom this Mother's Day you'll not only find something wonderful at a local merchant's place but you too will look into your heart for the gift she truly wants.

We asked via social media this question "Hey Mom, what can we do for this Mother's Day? And the responses were "Typical Mom". Very few of those who responded suggested an expensive gift. Instead, most Moms wanted something that was "priceless".

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Getty Images

Lauren Vincent replied via Facebook that she wanted "(her family to) Come to church with me and sit as a family like when I brought you growing up". Trudy Hebert, Alyssa Hebert, and Rachel Guidry echoed that sentiment.

Elaine Mouton responded with a suggestion that created quite a lump in my throat when she said "Please go visit your Mother if she's still alive, give her a kiss and say Moma thanks for loving me" Elaine also suggested that if Mom has passed on, to take a few minutes to clean her gravesite and say a prayer. Josie Flanagan echoed those sentiments by simply saying "Make that call".

Nonsense Wars via YouTube
Nonsense Wars via YouTube

Tera Harris Northcutt suggested this gift, "I just want one sincere THANK YOU...I have 4 kids so 1 isn't asking too much, I don't think" No, Tera we don't think that's too much for you to ask, in fact, Heather Miller echoed the sentiment too.

You can read some of the other suggestions and comments that were made right here. Of course, there were some suggestions for a nice meal, crawfish seemed to be the food of choice, and some house cleaning too.

kid mopping
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But mostly, Mom, at least our precious and most cherished Louisiana moms, really just want one thing this Mother's Day. They want some of your time. And, if you're fortunate enough to spend time with your Mom would you do this for your family? Take that darn telephone that you have in your pocket, the one with the camera, and record Mom's answers to some personal questions.

Here's a great list if you need suggestions.

That way the answers in her voice will be archived for future grandkids and great-grandkids. Chances are you will learn something you never knew about your Mom too.

Red heart in child and mother's hands
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And if you are looking for a place to take Mom out for a meal, here are some places you might look into. But please remember, Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants across Louisiana and the nation, so make a reservation today or at least plan on arriving early. And if you're cooking at home, make sure you use some of these.

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