As football season kicks into high gear, many high school football teams are preparing to play their first games. But for one group of kids, their own Mothers' would be getting a free shot at tackling their sons as a high school team found a unique way to get parents involved with their kids' sport.


I remember telling my mom that I decided to play high school football. She was concerned about the extra laundry and the amount of food I would subsequently be consuming. But, her utmost concern was that I could possibly get hurt.

Injury is probably the top concern for any parent of an athlete who is playing contact sports, but one high school football team recently hosted "Mom's Night" in an effort to ease those concerns.


Washington High in Illinois held "Mom's Night" where mothers of the football players learned about the equipment their children would be using, the rules of the game, and even some of the plays that the team would be running this season.

But what stood out the most to many online was the portion of "Mom's Night" where the mothers threw on shoulder pads and strapped up helmers for a free shot at their own kiddos.


For some mothers, it was a moment to take out some pent-up aggression on their offspring who, most likely, had this hit coming for quite some time.

Some Moms ended up having trouble delivering the blow that was intended, as their kids ended up being much bigger than them.


Nevertheless, all of the parents, students, and coaches present seemed to have an awesome time. Maybe this is something that Acadiana area schools can try out ahead of their own football seasons to get parents more involved!

'Mom's Night' at High School Football Practice Features Players Getting Smacked

See the full video via @KurtPegler on Twitter below.

If this is what will help mothers feel better about their children playing high school football, then I am all about it!

Reactions to the idea of "Mom's Night" coming from Twitter below.

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