A Morning Consult poll shows Governor John Bel Edwards’ approval rating slipped under 50 percent during the brutal legislative sessions between April and June. Edwards’ has generally maintained one of the highest approval ratings for a Democratic governor, but ULM Political Science Professor Dr. Joshua Stockley says it appears the threats to public services during the sessions took their toll.

“The budget crisis, the TOPS cuts, the higher ed cuts, the Medicare cut. This poll, I think, captures somewhat voter disgust at that.”

Despite the slip in total approval rating, the Governor’s unfavorable rating is still 15 points lower at 35 percent.

Political analysts have noted that average approval ratings for all elected officials tend to take a dive during heated legislative battles like the ones taking place at the capital. Stockley says it’s important to note that the poll may not be giving us the full picture.

“Unfortunately we don’t have polling result of any other state officials to know if they saw a similar decline.”

But with the legislative session in the rearview mirror and the government fully funded for the year, Stockley says don’t be surprised to see those numbers rebound in the coming months.

“Barring another catastrophe or political misstep, he may recover somewhat in the third quarter for no other reason than the cuts were averted.”

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