Governor John Bel Edwards and Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain are taking a trip out to the farm. They will be meeting with local sugar cane farmers July 19th to discuss tariffs among other issues. Strain says he and the governor will be on hand to congratulate sugarcane farmers for their historic achievement.

“The largest cane crop ever, over 15 million tons, 600,000 tons, 1.8 million tons of sugar, over a billion dollars.”

Strain says they’re there to congratulate the farmers for their great work and to help understand what the state can do better to ensure another historic harvest.

“Talking about the tariffs, and of course on soybeans, and other crops and how that’s going to affect the state, and of course listening to the farmers’ concerns.”

Louisiana has been plagued by decades of infrastructure neglect. Strain says they’re putting together some of the biggest names in Louisiana agriculture as the Governor takes a hard look at the roots of rural economic development.

“The LSU Ag Center and also all the other research stations such as the Audubon research station. Specifically, we will be talking about the future of the investments in agriculture.”

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