Federal and state officials are ramping up preparation efforts for a possible coronavirus outbreak in Louisiana. Cassidy is proposing legislation that would change telehealth practices so doctors can send healthcare workers out to those who feel they might have the symptoms of the virus, so they out of waiting rooms and not expose others.

“And even to leave equipment so we can monitor the patient’s temperature, their pulse, their respiratory rate, or breathing rate if you will all of the things that might be important associated with the coronavirus infection,” says Cassidy.

After his experience with Katrina, Cassidy is also proposing a bank account where public health has immediate access to funds in order to speed its response.

“Our idea is if there’s a bank account, that public health could draw on, to immediately get dollars out, then we don’t have to have this bickering between the two sides rather the patient is immediately taken care of,” says Cassidy.

Edwards announced the creation of a coronavirus task force today and says if a case develops in Louisiana the state it will be announced by his administration…

“When someone is presumptively positive on a test, and by the way we do believe it’s a matter of time of when if not if that this will happen, my administration is going to announce that,” says Edwards.

Edwards encourages citizens not to panic over the news of reported deaths in the U-S but to gather facts from reputable sources like the CDC and the Louisiana Department of Public Health.

“Not only is there no need to panic but that’s exactly the wrong this to do. But we should all take this seriously, prepare for this and arm yourself with the facts,” says Edwards.

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