This was supposed to be an opportunity for the citizens of Louisiana to see and hear the candidates for Governor of our state. It was supposed to be a disciplined forum and exchange of ideas and points of view. What we got was Louisiana politics at its best in last night's televised debate.

The principle combatants appeared to be the Republicans. Front runner David Vitter was challenged early and often by Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne. The lone Democrat John Bel Edwards appeared at times to be sitting back and enjoying the moment as the Republicans went after each other.  However Bel Edwards did get his share of disparaging comments over the course of the evening.

The barb of the night came from the mouth of Scott Angelle.

Let me take this opportunity to call out 'Senator Pinocchio'.  The reality of it all is that he's wrong on education.  He was for something, he was against it, he's for it.  He has no idea where he will be on Common Core.

The Louisiana Radio Network reported Angelle's comments in a story published this morning.

Reporters for New Orleans based suggested in their article "5-Takeaways from Last Night's Debate" that the candidates talked more about issues that should be less of a concern to voters. Their article suggested that more time was spent on same sex marriage than discussing the current status of the state's budget crisis.

WDSU-TV in New Orleans hosted the debate and you can watch a replay of last night's forum on their website. Like most debates, there did not appear to be a clear cut winner. However, if this is the kind of behavior we can expect out of our next Governor it might be pretty obvious that the people of Louisiana could be the real loser.

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