The fourth anniversary of The Grand shooting in Lafayette is quickly approaching and many people have already moved on--including the theater who has since been renovated with people buying tickets and seeing movies each and every day.

But the traumatic events from the day when two Acadiana women died, and nine others were wounded still lives on with one of the survivors in Lafayette.

Morgan Egedahl, a survivor from that night writes that while there are many good days:

I've done an excellent job of staying positive, only sharing the good news, and staying hopeful that as time passes, things will get better. I have an amazing therapist whom I love and respect.

There are some things that cannot heal so quickly:

I have spent hours in therapy and with psychiatrists, only to realize that my mental health is degrading and something more must be done. My high points are now barely functioning, and my low points are completely terrifying.

As she continues in her journey to recovery, Egedahl is seeking help from the public to alleviate some of the burdens from medical costs as she seeks new treatment in inpatient care.

If you would like to help with Egedahl's expenses, click here.

Any money that goes beyond her goal will be donated to the Gun Violence Survivors Foundation.


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