A family lawyer says the Twenty-five million dollars being sought by the Gruver family in the case related to his alleged hazing death is there to send a warning to other academic institutions about the need to taking hazing seriously. While one of the Gruver family’s attorneys Don Cazayoux says the no amount of money will bring back their loved one, the price tag is more about sending a message to all involved in the incident in hopes that it puts a stop to hazing culture.

“Many times we’ve seen in our public records requests the fraternity and university together ignored the basic complaint that was at issue.”

Cazayoux says he understands that LSU and fraternities do not want to discourage students from having a good time, but emphasizes the goal is that incidents like the one that happened to Gruver are not repeated.

“Every couple of years at least we have something like this and frankly LSU has not done a god job of protecting its male student population, particularly in the Greek system.”

Cazayoux says he’s glad the state adopted tougher hazing rules, but this lawsuit is there to make sure they follow through with enforcement.

“It doesn’t help to have rules on the books that no one enforces, you can’t have the fox in the hen house, and that’s what’s been going on.”

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