This seems like something you can use during Mardi Gras.

I'm willing to be that slang has been around since the beginning of human language. Not everyone speaks with proper prose and there's nothing wrong with that. Eventually words get jumbled together and phrases begin to take on a new meaning. In a way, slang is like an inside joke that we all seem to be in on.

Recently USA Today took a stab at the most popular slang phrase in each state.

Their list Slang by State: Words Only Locals Know, seems to be spot on for some states and maybe off a little in others. It would be hard to determine a true list like this without polling every person in every state. They only polled 2,000 people and checked out sites like Only in Your State and Urban Thesaurus. I feel like I have to say this because their choice for Louisiana is a bit off. It's not a home run, but more like a ground ball that you happened to beat out on the throw to first.

"Pass a good time."

I'll admit, this is the first I've heard of this. My first thought is, why isn't it "let the good times roll"? They seem to mean the same thing. USA Today defines "pass a good time" as... well, "to have a good time." Now, while I do believe that good times should be passed around, letting them roll just sounds better, more festive. Maybe this is a phrase that is used, but I'm just not in on the joke.

What kind of slang phrases do you believe are popular in Louisiana?

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