Today on Winging It Wednesday panelists Carol Ross, Mike Stagg and Warren Caudle squared off on topics that included Affordable Healthcare and cyber-security.

Texas Governor Rick Perry said Monday that Texas would not establish and online marketplace for patients to shop for insurance or expand Medicaid which adds another state refusing to implement the Obama Administration's Affordable Health Care law.  We asked our panelists for their thoughts on more states refusing to implement the law.  Ross said,

"More and more states are refusing to create Obamacare's insurance exchanges because under the law, if the state doesn't create the insurance exchanges the feds will have to do it for them so that gives the states a real incentive not to bother since they can pass all the cost and hassles of running the stupid exchanges back to the Feds.  Hey you wanted this, you got it baby!"

The Obama Administration is urging Congress to pass legislation that would give the government additional authority to communicate what it knows with the private sector to enable a closer public-private partnership when it comes to cyber-security.  When asked how panelists felt about this power Warren Caudle responded,

"When Democrats do this it is called a power-grab, it's called expansion of government or intrusion on personal liberties.  When Republicans do this it is called national security.  It depends on which side is doing it.  When they tell you this won't be an intrusion or they want capture personal information.  That is baloney."

Listen to the entire interview: