Like the state, the Lafayette Parish School System is facing a budget deficit.

Most reports show the actual amount hovering near $18 million.

District 9 School Board Member Jeremy Hidalgo talked sales taxes and the district's bottom line with KPEL's Rob and Bernie this morning.

"Cut, cut, cut," is what Hidalgo prescribes for the ailing budget that is being fed by an already high nine-cent sales tax average for Lafayette.

Many people suggest tightening the belt at the district's central office, but Hidalgo said the office's budget alotment is a small piece of the pie. Besides, he said no one suggesting cuts to the school system's brass is giving any specifics.

Hidalgo also touched on the prospect of re-zoning the school district--a move that is not yet scheduled, but will be in the near future.

He said the student-to-teacher ratio is part of an important dialogue for the future of the district, but student populations at some schools are hindering a reduction in students in each classroom.

"In my district, many of the schools don't have classrooms left. It's really hard to add another teacher when you don't have another classroom to put them in."