Remember Hogan’s Heroes, the very funny TV show of the sixties that depicted a World War II prisoner of war camp?

Besides Hogan, the other standout character was the portly Sgt. Schultz, the bumbling Nazi guard who was continually bamboozled by Hogan and the gang. Whenever Sgt. Schultz realized he was in deep trouble, he would quickly back away from the problem saying: “I know nothing.” Right now, it seems as if the entire Obama administration "knows nothing" (or is taking the fifth) in particular Attorney General Eric Holder.

In scandal after scandal, Holder seems to channel Sgt. Schultz when the white hot light of the truth is shone on his misadventures. From the gun running debacle known as Fast and Furious to his latest abuse of power in bugging the phones of Associated Press reporters and hoodwinking a federal judge to issue a wiretap on Fox News reporter James Rosen and others, including his parents home phone!! Frightening and astonishing. And through it all, Holder either insists he “knows nothing” or he recuses himself by saying he does not want to bias or taint the investigation

So, let’s review:
  •  Holder refuses to prosecute voter intimidation in Philadelphia by the New Black Panthers in the 2008 presidential election.
  •  Holder’s Department of Justice promotes government sanctioned gun running known as Fast and Furious, resulting in the death of at least one Border Patrol agent and hundreds of Mexicans and only the whistleblower gets punished,
  • Holder signs off on bugging dozens of reporters’ phones at the Associated Press, including press phones in Congress, along with spying on the email and phones of Fox News, in particular those of James Rosen and even bugs his parents’ phone.

And whenever Holder is questioned about any of the above, he simply mimics Sgt. Schultz: He knows nothing about it.

The real question is: Why is Eric Holder still the Attorney General? And the answer can only be: Because his boss has as little respect for the Constitution and the rule of law as Holder does.

So, here's what I know: Eric Holder should either be fired or impeached or both.



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