A domestic violence firearms bill cleared a House panel that further restricts possession of a gun by someone who is under a protective order. Currently it’s prohibited for an abuser to have a weapon, this bill prohibits among other things carrying a concealed weapon.

Mariah Wineski is the executive director of the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

“I think you all are probably aware by now that Louisiana has a sky high domestic violence homicide rate. We have every reason to believe that this bill is the bill that will finally make a dent in those numbers,” Wineski said.

Domestic violence survivor and advocate Tiffany Morgan was shot in the face by an angry boyfriend. Morgan says she’s been diagnosed with severe depression and PTSD as a result of her traumatic experience.

“I pace the floors at night with insomnia. I wonder every day where my attacker is. I wonder how close he is to processing a weapon,” Morgan said.

The bill requires offenders to declare in open court what firearms they possess. Morgan says this bill would help her.

“Senate bill two-thirty-one will not only ensures that violent offenders of domestic abuse won’t have access to a firearm, but it will also give survivors and their families a peace of mind,” Morgan said.

The measure now moves to the full House.