The Louisiana Legislature's Speaker of the House says he and House committee members are poised to work with the governor's administration during the upcoming special session.

Republican House Speaker Taylor Barras' office released a statement today regarding the special session that Gov. John Bel Edwards confirmed will convene on February 14.

The session is aimed at addressing the state's financial woes that revolve around a $750 million midyear budget shortfall.

"We look forward to working with the Administration through this process and know our House members are committed to moving forward with responsible solutions,” Barras said.

Edwards said the goal of the session is to somehow end the cycles of perennial budget deficits. Next year the state coffers are expected to be short $1.6 billion.

Barras said some non-tax items are included on the session's agenda, but "many were anticipating more opportunity to address structural and spending reforms." Despite that issue, he said the House of Representatives is ready for action under the new governor.

"The House committees are positioned to begin work within the frame of the call," Barras said. "I am certain a number of bills will be filed in the coming week."