A vote on the House floor is expected today on three different sales tax bills that raise different amounts of money and they renew up to a half-cent of an expiring one-cent sales tax. Governor John Bel Edwards remains optimistic one of those bills will reach his desk, if not significant cuts will occur.

“For the first time in a long time you are seeing cuts to the National Guard, the department of veteran’s affairs. But it’s also higher education, right now higher education is in line for a 95 million dollar cut.”

During his monthly call-in show, Edwards told listeners the discussions he’s having with lawmakers are different during this third special and better than they were before.

“I’m quite honestly looking forward to success this time, and I know that the consequences of failure are catastrophic and I think that will propel us towards a successful conclusion too.”

The fiscal cliff arrives on July 1st and this third special session must conclude Wednesday. It will take 70 votes on the House floor today for these sales tax bills to advance to the Senate. Edwards says its anxious times.

“Obviously we are all just a little bit anxious because we have gotten too close to June 30th without resolving the cliff.”

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