Concealed carry permit holders could bring a gun into a school or university building under legislation heading to the House floor. The controversial measure cleared the House Criminal Justice Committee on a narrow 9-8 vote. Erath Representative Blake Miguez says his legislation doesn’t arm teachers, just visitors who have a concealed handgun permit.

"It doesn’t deal with the school safety system at all. It strictly deals with self-defense,” Miguez said.

All Democrats on the panel opposed the measure. Baton Rouge Representative Denise Marcelle argued concealed handgun permit holders do not have the same level of training as law enforcement.

“So if they’re trying to defend someone and they start shooting, what about the people who don’t want their children shot?” Marcelle asked.

Louisiana Federation of Teachers legislative director Cynthia Posey says allowing non-law enforcement to bring guns into a school will create a disruption.

“They don’t know that this person has a concealed carry permit. You know, you have no idea. So, the proper protocol would be to have a school lock down,” said Posey.

Miguez says education groups might oppose this legislation, but responsible gun owners would applaud the passage of this bill.

“I would say that concealed carry permit holders and residents in Louisiana in a vast majority, I think would support this bill due to it being narrowly tailored, because they believe in the right to self-defense,” said Miguez.