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The Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal is wide-reaching, it's spread like wildfire all across Major League Baseball with players sharing their very candid thoughts, water-coolers across America and even other professional sports/athletes.

It has now hit a new level of sports with Little League Baseball. Various teams from the California and Pennslyvania areas are banning the use of "Astros" as a team name.

In California, Long Beach and East Fullerton Little League teams are banning the name. Long Beach President Steve Klaus told the Orange County Register, "Parents are disgusted, they are disgusted with the Astros and their lack of ownership and accountability. We know there's more to this scandal. What's coming tomorrow? With the Astros, you've got premeditated cheating."

In Pennslyvania, District 16/31's Bob Bertoni who's the head man out there told the Associated Press, “I think about our Little League pledge, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind: part of the pledge is, ‘I will play fair and strive to win,’” said Bertoni. “Our kids emulate and idolize major league players. I don’t think we as an organization should be idolizing teams that have decided not to play by the rules.”

It's very interesting to see the fallout of the Astros sign-stealing scandal has affected so many. I like the idea of Little Leagues doing away with the Astros team name for at least the time being while all of this is so fresh, it sets a good example for the youth not only in baseball but in life.


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