As a Youngsville homeowner I have been asked to place my garbage can as near the road as possible, facing the road with the handle facing the house with approximately four feet of clearance between the big green can and any others.  Seems like simple enough requests so I oblige.  Can I make similar requests of the garbage collectors?  If I have to leave the can near the road could you at least return it there instead of leaving it a foot or so in the road where people can run over it!  Could you also leave it where you got it from near the road instead in the driveway so I have to get out of my the rain to move the can so I can get into my garage.  Once the garbage collectors get the hang of those two requests we can work on the third and I think the easiest request....close the lid especially when it's raining so I don't have move it out of the road or driveway and then empty the can before I am able to roll the unwieldy monster to the side of my house where I am required by law to store it.

I know the job of garage collector is a messy, unrewarding job that requires long hours, getting up before the crack of dawn and tolerating extremes of temperature but I don't think my requests are that out of line.

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