HUD has approved Governor John Bel Edwards’ request to increase reimbursements on RESTORE grants to 100 percent, which means more federal assistance for homeowners who suffered flood damage in 2016. Edwards’ Communications Director Shauna Sanford says the first round of checks is on the way.

“Making sure that they have the same address for the homeowners so that they could get those checks out and those checks are going out this week. It is very, very good news.”

Sanford says the first people to receive their checks will be those who had already qualified and received their 50 percent reimbursement. She says that group will have the other 50 percent on its way in the next couple of days, with homeowners who have yet to receive grant money coming after.

“Those are homeowners who already received a 50% reimbursement, so we have been able to update their calculation. The additional checks are those homeowners who are in the process of having those calculations made so they will be made at the 100% level.”

And if you’re getting antsy for that recovery money, Sanford says don’t worry, everything has been taken care of at the state level and no further work is needed on your end.

“Homeowners, also, do not have to do anything. We have their information and their calculations are going to be automatically updated and they will start receiving those checks.”

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