According to Love Shreveport-Bossier, the fight took place at the Nicky's Mexican Restaurant in Shreveport on Mansfield road. They also stated that witnesses claim the restaurant had stopped seating and serving customers due to having a short staff, prior to this group getting seated by an employee. The disagreement which led to the fight initially started after the waitress informed the group that they would not be served.



A giant brawl broke out recently at Nicky's Mexican Restaurant.

Naturally, in today's day and age, you better believe if you fight in public, it will be filmed and shared all across social media. It feels like just another day in Shreveport as fights like these have unfortunately become the norm.

The fight took place on Cinco De Mayo but it is not clear exactly which location this is.

In the video, we see a customer going head-to-head with someone who appears to be a waitress or bartender at the restaurant. Within seconds of the video, we see the customer actually swing a quick open-handed slap towards the employee, missing by several inches. Then, for only a couple of seconds, it seems cooler heads had prevailed. As the customer was making her way towards the door, she stops in her tracks and reverses course, getting right back in the waitress's face. The customer first faked a slap, before striking the staff member right in the face.

Once that first open-handed slap connected, the fight was on.

The waitress immediately retaliated with strikes of her own, and at that time, the customer's friends began to jump in and escalated the situation further with strikes of their own. Quickly, a male staff member jumped in and joined the fight, originally appearing to be attempting to help break it up, before throwing strikes of his own towards the female customers.

Just as quickly as the melee began, it ended, as other staff members, and someone I believe to be a male customer were able to keep all sides away from each other.

You can check out the full video below shared by Love Shreveport-Bossier




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