Governor John Bel Edwards announces I-10 will be widened from four to six lanes between Highland Road in Baton Rouge and Highway 73 in Ascension Parish. He says about 30% of the traffic on I-10 is moving commerce. But he says this project will benefit all drivers.

“You might be just moving a kid to soccer practice or trying to get to work or get to a ballgame or whatever, and it’s going to be a benefit to you as well,” Edwards said.

State Department of Transportation Secretary Shawn Wilson says the project will cost more than $60 million, but the state plans to use $40 million in federal monies to get the project started. Edwards says they are also looking at elevating parts of the interstate in this 7 mile stretch.

“The need to elevate was demonstrated last month when an awful lot of traffic had to be routed through Prairieville because it could not move along I-10 in this area,” Edwards said.

Construction is expected to begin in about a year. Edwards says this is an important project because this section is one of the most congested parts of I-10, because the interstate goes from three lanes to two east of Highland.

“Not just Monday through Friday rush hour traffic in the morning and evening. I’m surprised at how often on weekends, seemingly when there’s no real reason for it, that you have traffic stacking up in this area,” Edwards said.