One of the biggest, if the not the biggest winter storm system on record is forecasted to impact parts of the East Coast including cities like Washington, D.C., and will all the snow and ice come downed power lines.

Several area utility companies, including Lafayette Utitlies System, will go to help out other utility companies in the region, if they are called upon to do so.

Terry Huval, Director of Lafayette Utilities System, tells KPEL that they, like other local utility companies, are part of a mutual aid network that assist across the country when storms devastate utilities along with other property.

Huval says whether it's Hurricane Sandy, or this blizzard, if they are called upon to help, their utility workers will head to help where they are needed most.

Huval says the utility company that requests the help is who foots the bill for all the work.

Other utility companies in our area say they to are just waiting for the call, and they are ready and willing to assist.

The National Weather Service says the Eastern United States could get 1 to 3 inches of snow each hour over the next coupls of days, with some areas, like Washington D.C., getting more than 2 feet of snow.

According to an Associated Press story:


"Forecasters are warning of brutally high winds, dangerous inland flooding, white-out conditions and even the possibility of thunder snow."

More than two thousand flights have been cancelled due to the impending rough weather.