I'm not much of a poet, but last year I attempted poetry to celebrate National Sock Day.

In Memoriam A.H.H. was written in 1849 by Alfred Tennyson, and written as a requiem for his late friend, Arthur Henry Hallam.  When most of us think about poems, we think of the short, cute ones that last maybe a page long or so. Not this one, this is a monster, which is one reason it's so incredibly popular, even today.

This bad boy was 90 pages long, and for the most part followed the ABBA rhyme scheme. In fact, this poem made that scheme so popular, it's now often called the "IM" scheme.

Anyways, I took arguably the most quoted stanzas from the poem, which you can read HERE, and turned them into a poem suited for today's national holiday. A tragic one, that all of us can relate to.

I hope you enjoy In Memoriam L.S.D.


I can only find socks I slept in
         The captive socks that warm the foot,
         The evasive socks that when I look,
Are never where I left them.
I envy the beast that heats
         He shakes and dries with time,
         Unbothered by his accidental crime,
My dryer must be the thief.
Still, I miss all my forgotten socks
         The millions that have all gone missing,
         Looking back I sit here wishing,
That I would have just invested in Crocs.
I hold it true, I miss them all
         When I buy new ones, I feel the cost,
         'Tis better to have worn and lost
Than never to have worn at all.


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